Mira termográfica 800x600 OLED, sensor 400x300 px, 25μm, lente 45mm, 50Hz, IP67
Fabricante: Guide
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The New released Guide IR5118 multi-functional thermal sight y Guide Infrared which has set up the milestone for rifle scope. It has re-defined the thermal sight for hunting, law enforcement and military. It adapted 400x300 uncooled thermal sensor which could perfect perform at night and harsh environment.

"Picture in Picture" Function
The "Picture in Picture" function provides you with the option to display an additional image region on the screen which contains a 2x zoom image of the reticle and the area around it. This allows you to view the target area in more detail and aim more precisely. 
The additional display region (Precise Aiming Frame) is situated in the bottom part of the screen below the reticle. 
Occupying only 1/9 of the total display area, the Precise Aiming Frame allows simultaneous use of the entire field of view for observation.

Small Size
Weighing in at only 630 grams or less than 1.39 pound, the device is portable in every situation.
The TS445 is equipped with analog video out allowing for real time video display on an external screen.

Mute Calibration
Shutter-less technology for completely silent calibration

Display colors
Black hot, white hot and red hot display,

Nolight leakage
For greater stealth at night.

Fully waterproof
With IPX7 (IEC 60529 standard) water protection class, theTS445 can be operated under conditions of precipitation of
any intensity and it can withstand a short underwater submersion.

Wide operating temperature range (-40+60°C)
The ability to operate in normal mode at sub-zero temperatures is due to the use of a frost-resistant OLED
display featuring response high framerate for a crisp image when observing dynamic objects.

Resolution (pixels) 400 x 300 (P), Asi, Microbolometer
Spectral range (µm) 8-14
Adjustment Manual 
FOV  8ºx6º 
Magnification  2.8X 
MRTD  <[email protected]ºC 
Identification range Human 1.8x0.5m >450m
Vehicle 2.3mx2.3m >1000m
Differentiated adjustable range ≥±15mil
Differentiated adjustable accuracy ≤0.5mil
Brightness Adjustable
Lens 45mm
Diopter correction -4º ~ +2º
Frame rate 50Hz
Display Color OLED 800x600
Digital zoom 2x, 4x
Palette BlackHot, WhiteHot, RedHot
Physical @ Environmental Parameters
Encapsulation IP67
Operating temperature -40ºC ~ +60ºC
Battery One pc 18650
Battery life >5hrs
Weight 630g
Product color Black
Shock resistance 200g, 1ms
Eye Relief 30mm
Munting Bracket Picatinny rail